Student Life

Student Life

Jubilee School is an environment that is bustling with activity, full of excitement and overflowing with life. Students build friendships, learn responsibility and work hard in a safe, secure environment. Whether we are singing, acting, competing or learning, we are doing so in a unique way to create an education that defines a lifetime. At jubilee, our students experience many fun and exciting events that involve the entire school. From pep rallies, to participation in many events within the community, we believe in the importance of the entire student body being involved together.

Executive Summary

A positive school climate is one of those things that is difficult to define and measure, but everyone – including parents – recognises it when they see it. The state of the school’s facilities, the tone of the conversations in corridors, the enthusiasm of the school staff and the way students interact during breaks are some of the signs that visitors can read to quickly and broadly assess a school’s climate.


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