scientific research unit

scientific research unit

The main objective of the scientific research unit is to develop the potential of students’ academic and leadership skills to increase their ability to keep pace with the new technology. In addition, to implement research or a study that enables students to solve problems they face through exploration and experimentation, which gives students a golden opportunity to participate in international competitions. On the other hand, the learning outcome of this unit is to gain the independence of the student’s personality, and to gain the technical expertise, because students can correct errors through self-learning students can manage the time, plan, think creatively to solve problems. Students also have the opportunity to activate communication skills when dealing with the supervisor and the outside community. The experience of doing research project is an excellent guide for students toward a suitable university course and future career. Once students finalize their projects, their ability to analyze, to predict, to describe, to design, and to evaluate would be gained. Writing in persuasive analytical structure, using SWOT to monetize the product, speaking critically while presentations are skills would be installed in students’ personality.

About the Program

 Students choose a topic of interest and construct an original experiment using a mentor of their choice to assist with their research. These mentors can be working scientists from the private or public sector, or college professors from local colleges and universities.

Our research, based on problem-solving and interdisciplinary approaches, crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries to contribute to an understanding of how that approach to scientific excellence can best be supported.

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